Hanna has represented some of the world’s largest companies and states under leading seats and rules, including the LCIA, ICC, HKIAC, SCC, UNCITRAL and ICSID. 

Her omnivorous practice covers most sectors, including:

  • environment and energy (including renewable, oil, gas and nuclear)
  • pharma, biotech, life sciences, with patent angles
  • technology, banking, private equity, with “the strongest possible recommendation for technology, investment banking” from her clients
  • insurance
  • telecom
  • commodities
  • transport
  • construction
  • consumer goods
  • media and entertainment
  • satellite and aerospace. 

The list of experience below includes Hanna’s mandates at her prior firms.

Arbitrator appointments

Hanna sits as sole arbitrator and on three-member Tribunals, and welcomes appointments in all of her sector areas.

Select international commercial arbitrations and litigations

Environment and energy

  • Acting on an SCC arbitration regarding environmental regulatory compliance in the aftermath of a share sale.
  • Advising a European manufacturer of solar cells in disputes with its Chinese, Japanese and Norwegian suppliers resulting in a settlement.
  • Acting on ICC arbitrations concerning gas pricing reopeners.
  • Acting on an HKIAC administered arbitration under UNCITRAL Rules regarding development and financing of African oil field.
  • Acting for a Russian financial institution in an LCIA arbitration and subsequent settlement in relation to a dispute over a complex arrangement for the holding of shares in a Russian energy entity.
  • Acting on an ICC arbitration concerning construction of a novel nuclear power plant in Finland.
  • Advising a multinational company in relation to its oil concession in South Sudan in context of violent transition to independence.

Pharma, biotech and life sciences

  • Leading a forensic investigation into irregular conduct of employees of a multinational pharmaceutical services company, including providing data privacy advice, to minimise likelihood of contentious follow-on proceedings.
  • Representing Allergan as third party in the Auden McKenzie (Pharma Division) Ltd & Ors v Patel & Anor fraud claim before the High Court.
  • Advising an Asian biopharmaceutical company regarding research tool patents and license agreements.
  • Advising an Asian biopharmaceutical company regarding joint venture and related agreements.
  • Advising pharmaceutical company in a potential dispute regarding commercialisation and marketing authorisation of a novel treatment in Europe.

Technology, banking, private equity and insurance

  • Sat as LCIA arbitration on banking disputes (now resolved).
  • Representing a Forbes-listed high net worth individual in a multibillion, multi-jurisdictional ICC arbitration running for over a decade.
  • Representing AXA in an over GBP 600 million PPI High Court LCIA Arbitration turned High Court litigation against Santander (
  • Representing a globally leading mid-cap technology investment bank in two disputes over success fees, securing extremely favourable settlements.
  • Representing a private equity investor in an up to USD 50 million contractual e-commerce dispute.
  • Representing an insurance company in an ICC arbitration against the Republic of Cyprus concerning the impact of the Cyprus financial crisis on an insurance joint venture.

Partnership disputes

  • Acting on sensitive partnership disputes, including with a complex US-UK nexus and employment issues.


  • Defending an international satellite manufacturer against a multimillion-pound claim for gross negligence in an arbitration resulting in a settlement.
  • Acting for an international sugar producer in an LCIA arbitration concerning theft of its assets in Syria.
  • Advising an online company in relation to the merits of a potential judicial review claim against the United Kingdom to challenge data interception legislation.
  • Representing the ICC in the UK Supreme Court case Halliburton v Chubb concerning arbitrator conflicts of interest, alongside Three Crowns.
  • Advising clients in respect of obtaining evidence in England for civil proceedings taking place in continental Europe.
  • Coordinating multi-jurisdictional advice on litigation strategy for a client engaged in proceedings in Russia.
  • Advising an international telecoms company on how to comply with UN and national sanctions against Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Select cases involving States

  • Representing the UAE-based Rasia fund in its over USD 300 million expropriation claim against the Republic of Armenia concerning a railway and road project (
  • Representing Ukraine in an expropriation claim brought under UNCITRAL Rules.  Senior quantum expert feedback praises Prof Roos as “a real star”.
  • Representing an insurance company in an ICC arbitration against the Republic of Cyprus concerning the impact of the Cyprus financial crisis on an insurance joint venture.
  • Representing the Republic of Kenya who supported the claim for compensation by the Mau Mau against the United Kingdom, resulting in a GBP 20 million settlement in favour of the Mau Mau (
  • Advising an oil company consortium in relation to rights arising from production sharing agreements in Central Asia and related tax and cost recovery disputes.
  • Acting for an Indian company in the English High Court proceedings arising out of an arbitration over an oil production agreement, involving proceedings in the Indian Supreme Court.
  • Providing investment treaty restructuring advice for clients to protect investments e.g. in Africa and Latin America.

Pro bono matters

  • Acting for a leading climate scientist in defamation cases.
  • Assisting in defending a UK citizen on trial for a double-murder in the US.
  • Advising a charity acting to counter modern slavery with compliance with the Official Secrets Acts.
  • Drafting multi-arm clinical trial agreements between pharmaceutical companies, a major cancer research charity and hospitals with a view to limiting liability and risk for the client.
  • Drafting a pharmaceutical agreement for the manufacturing of a therapeutic product with a view to limiting the manufacturer’s liability.
  • Negotiating venue hire contracts for a major cancer research charity raising funds through “race for life” events.
  • Auditing a health-food provider’s dispute resolution provisions in its suite of contracts.
  • Running a multi-jurisdictional survey of in-house counsel’s ability to undertake pro bono for TrustLaw, a Thomson Reuters Foundation.