Diversity & Leadership

Hanna is passionate about diversity, inclusion and leadership in the law. 

She is the author of a practical checklist to help retain diverse talent in international arbitration, published as three Practical Law Arbitration blogs:

The idea behind the checklist is to retain more young talent in arbitration by giving young practitioners more advocacy opportunities, and check that procedural timetables are reasonably paced from the perspective of counsel with care responsibilities at home, whether they be loud toddlers or elderly or unwell loved ones.

While practising at Latham & Watkins, Hanna co-founded and co-led the global Parent Lawyers Group to ensure that fathers and mothers can excel and progress in the law, and oversaw award winning pro bono initiatives in Latham’s London office (https://www.lw.com/admin/Upload/Documents/Affinity%20Groups/PLG.pdf). 

Hanna takes a keen interest in junior lawyers’ careers and wishes to support in any way she can – please get in touch.

Three year old Teddy helping to tidy up after a remote hearing.