Client Care

Client care:
What’s special

Lawyers, like surgeons, often approach their cases from a technical perspective: what are the odds of prevailing on liability, quantum and enforcement? 

That is understandable, but it is not enough. 

The client’s end-goals are paramount. 

Hanna takes pride in her innovative approach to the disputes process to ensure no stone is left unturned to identify strategic opportunities. 

This includes seizing opportunities to settle on excellent terms, and to preserve the parties’ commercial relationship, if that is the client’s desire. 

And of course to structure fees to deliver real value for the service provided.  Hanna has an active dialogue with experienced in-house counsel to benefit from best practice fee models that have yielded the best value for clients.  She will be pleased to continue that dialogue with you.

“If you face an existential fight with millions to billions hanging in the balance, your lawyer must be your trusted partner rather than a necessary evil. Hanna is your shining knight in that fight. She really gets that a lawyer’s financial incentives need to be aligned with the client’s end goal wherever possible, and works nimbly to map out the strategic road to success. She is my favourite lawyer – and I have used many. A wholehearted recommendation.”

Client on a multimillion, multi-continent dispute.